Bees, Wasps & Hornets Extermination

Aanteater Pest Control also specialize in the extermination of bees, wasps and hornets in the Hamilton and Southern Ontario area. These pests are very common in the summer months and can cause a good amount of stress and harm human and pets. Bees, wasps and hornets will sting when feel threatened. For people with allergic problems, it can be life threatening in some cases. We provide cost effective and reliable removal of these pets that offer your family lasting protection. Wasps in particular can become a big problem if they build nest close to the entrance of your home or businesses.

The most important first step in insect control is accurately identifying the pest. Bees, wasps or hornets might look the same but they are different and behave differently. Our skilled technicians can help you do this right over the phone, call us today if you have these pest problems.

How do I know if I have a bee, wasp or hornet problem and how will it be treated?

The most obvious sign you have a bee, wasp or hornet problem is finding a nest. These nests can be made virtually anywhere, making them somewhat difficult to find at times. Common places you might find a bee, wasp or hornet nest are in the ground, on the side of your home, or in trees and shrubs. Nests can even be found inside your home and the bees, wasps and hornets can make their way in through cracks and openings in your wall – so make sure to check there too. Our technicians work with a variety of chemical (yet environmentally safe) agents that are sprayed directly into nests to get rid of your infestation for good.

Type of wasps in Ontario are social waps, yellow jackets, paper wasps, solitary wasps, and mud dauber. Types of bees in Ontario are solitary bees, carpenter bees, social bees, bumble bees and honey bees. Type of hornets are bald-faced hornets and european hornets.

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