Rats Removal

Rats has always been a common pest issue in Southern Ontario. Brown and Norway rats are species of rats that people have problems within Southern Ontario. Aanteater Pest Control knows everything about these rats and how to remove them efficiently. We have refined our rat removal methods for the past 20 years.

Facts about rats:

  • Rats are about 25 times larger than mice
  • Rats must drink water every day and usually get in and out of your house every day.
  • Having rats in your home is an indication of poor sanitation
  • Rat dropping carries diseases such as salmonella, leptospirosis and hantavirus
  • Rats urinate and defecate 25 times as much as mice.
  • Norway rat populations may multiply 10 times more quickly than other species of animals.
  • Brown rats are highly intelligent animals.
  • Rats love your house because it is warmer and dryer than outside environment

All of our technicians at Aanteater Pest Control, have done thousands of rat removal in homes and businesses for the past 2 decades. Our rat removal process:

  • An inspection of your home or business is a must to determin problem areas.
  • The exterminator will use a variety of methods including baiting, exclusion and traps to exterminate your rat population.
  • The exterminator will then detail any exterior features of your landscape that may have attracted rats to your property and make appropriate recommendations.

At Aanteater Pest Control, we believe the best rat removal means solving the underlying root problem. If you have any questions please call your local number. We would be happy to help.

Keep Aanteater Pest Control in mind if you have other pest or wildlife control problems in the future.

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